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Saving your teeth
is easier, than you think!

With high-tech digital technology, up to 70% cheaper!




Up to 70% cheaper than in Ireland!

Have your root canal treatment done in Hungary!

  • Treatment based on international standards.

  • Performed with x-ray control.

  • Skilled, english speaking dentist.

  • Highest quality materials used.

  • FREE Airport transfer.

  • Dublin-Budapest flight tickets from €12.99

Compare the prices!

Our price
You save

Compare the prices!

Our price

What is a root canal treatment?

elhalt fog.jpeg



root canal treatment2.jpg




There is infection in your tooth. It does not necessarily hurts, but your tooth is filled with bacteria. Other reason for a root canal treatment, can be a large fracture of your tooth.

We clean out the inner of your tooth and disinfect it. This is done with a combination of different anesthesia types, to avoid any pain.

We fill up the inner of your tooth with a special material. This seals the canal and makes it virtually impossible for bacteria to continue to live in your tooth.

We fill and cover the upper half of your tooth in order to prevent bacteria from getting in again and to prevent your tooth from fracturing. This is important as root canal treated teeth are more prone to fracture without it. This covering is called onlay.



Sophie visited her dentists with a severe tooth pain, which radiated to half of her face. Her dentist started the root canal treatment (opened the canals and cleaned them), but the pain didn't get any less. After visiting other dentists she finally came to us. We started the treatment and soon found a 4th canal in the tooth, which was not found before. Besides this we adjusted the load of this tooth, as it got too big pressure from the lower tooth, when chewing. We completed the treatment in one session and her pain resolved.

You can see the xray of the root canal treated tooth on the picture. 

Dentist: Dr. Sebastian Kovacs


10 years of trust

With our 2 dear patients from Milano, who honor us with their trust since more than 10 years. They sent friends and family to us, to get their treatments done in Budapest.

Since 2006 we see patients from all over the world.

The goal is to free our patients from tooth related bodily diseases, dental diseases and give you a smile you love.

We are a family-owned business, which was built and developed by our own hands, to provide highest quality care for you!

Request a callback, so we can help you get your treatments done fast, done and in highest quality.

Look around, in our office!

Treatment room 1

We are a small, family owned dental office, with a homely atmosphere and our own in-house dental laboratory. We are practicing dentistry in the second generation of our family.

Our whole team is trying their best to provide you with a service and treatment that's the best for you! This is not a numbers game, as it is in many large dental bussinesses. We try to find with you a treatment plan, the best fits your needs.

Test us with the form below, so you can find out for yourself!



Dr. Sebastian Kovacs

His specialities are treatment of jaw joint disorders, esthetic and minimally invasive dental procedures.


Miklos Kovacs

Studied his profession in Germany and became Master of Dental Technology. Founder of the company.

DSC_0636 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Patrick Kovacs

Dental technician and specialist in digital dentistry. Leader of our lab, with more than 15 years of experience.

5 reasons you should do your crowns in Hungary!

Request a callback!

Our colleagues will contact you to give you a cost estimation, all informations and help you get started.

1. You get a FREE treatment plan and consultation with our doctor. You will get a complete understanding of the procedures.

2. You save up to 70% on your treatment costs. Not only on crowns, but also on all other treatments, like root canal treatments, dental implants and fillings.

3. You fly to Budapest with ticket prices from 12.99 Euro.

4. We help you organize your accomodation and transport. Our driver picks you up at the airport.

5. You come to an english speaking company, where you can seamlessly communicate with your dentist and staff members.

Frequently asked questions

How are dental treatment so much cheaper in your clinic?

In Hungary labor costs and prices in general are lower, than in other, western parts of Europe. As dentistry is a service industry, a large part of the treatment costs cover labor costs, which are as said, lower. Besides this, digitalized processes in dental treatment and fabrication of dental restorations make it able to cut prices even more.

How can I get a quote before I visit you?

The easiest way to do this is to contact us on phone, or through email. First we will ask you some questions regarding your current dental status, we ask you to provide as with pictures about your teeth. If you have a dental x-ray that is of great help for us. Based on these informations we make a treatment plan for you, which will contain how long you need to stay and how much your treatment will cost.

Is there a difference in quality?

We use highest quality dental tools and materials for your treatment. Our work is based on international protocols and rules of evidence based medicine. Our machines, tools and materials are from the leading dental companies like Ivoclar, Dentsply Sirona, Straumann, Coltene, Kuraray Noritake.

What if I have problems after I get home?

This isn't a big issue as we have a partner clinic in Dublin. If there would be any problem we would consults with our partner dentist and work out the best solution for you. Fortunately this is very rare.

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